Applicationhost config not updating

03-Feb-2018 13:36

In most IIS installs, when creating a script-mapped handler, one gets this default setting: As this setting does not work for West-Wind Web Connection, when defining a handler manually, one just need to un-check the box at the top: However, when installing a Web application on a server programmatically, you need a programmatic way to do the same operation.The folks on the Visual Studio team have been making it increasingly easier to move from version-to-version with less impact on our projects.What we have is an expense report application, albeit a little on the light side for features. But the real pieces of an application sporting Onion Architecture are in place, and there’s quite a bit of commonly-used tech in this bad boy that you would likely find in any real-world app: Project here, this is the real deal.The first issue we’re going to address is the fact that our solution and project are currently in VS 2013 “mode”.

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This post covers: ​The source for all of these examples lives in a Git Hub repository, and we run the examples automatically against test machines running each of the different Windows Server OS's, so I'm fairly confident that they work.Of course, if you run into any trouble, post an issue to the Git Hub repository's issue list - or send us a pull request!😄 There's quite a bit of theory at the start of this post before we get into the practical examples.This makes working with real world sites a little challenging.

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If you want your Login pages and Account Management pages to use secure sockets, you'd typically have to do all your work with the full version of IIS, either installed on your own machine or using a shared server. The first is new in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and will allow you to use SSL on local host over ports 44300 and higher.

Normally when you run an application in IIS Express, it’s only accessible on

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