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A notable number of users who have installed i OS 9 on their i Phones, i Pad, and i Pod touch have discovered that i OS 9 has caused performance to suffer, with annoying lag, choppiness in interactions, delayed response from the user interface, and just general performance degradation.

That lag can be notable enough to make the device feel considerably slower on i OS 9 than when compared to the same hardware running a prior version of i OS.

Welcome to exbpa.com, home of links to the the Microsoft Exchange Best Practices tool and Microsoft Exchange Server resources.

This domain used to belong to Microsoft, but when they dropped it, it was saved for the Exchange community by Exchange Consultancy Sembee Ltd.

A March quality update known as "KB4013429" will cause crashes for organizations that continue to use the filter, and that's partly why Microsoft is deprecating the Edge role, apparently.

Here's how the Exchange team explained that point: After the KB[4013429] is applied, the Exchange Transport Service will crash on startup if the content filter agent is enabled on the Exchange Server.

It can be used with the Exchange Best Practices tool as well. For more information on accessing them - click here for Exchange 2007 and here for Exchange 2010.

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I’m putting in Exchange 2010 onto a new server running Server 2008 R2.Some devices seem to struggle to render visual effects on i OS 9, by disabling transparency and motion eye candy, you can speed up the general interactivity of i OS on any i Phone, IPad, or i Pod touch.The end result is that i OS will look less fancy without any translucent windows or crazy zooming in and out motion effects, but the tradeoff for a slightly uglier i OS experience is notably better performance on the i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod touch of virtually every model.For more information on accessing them - click here for Exchange 2007 and here for Exchange 2010. id=15556 (Requires Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer 2.0 -

Small Business Server Best Practices Analyzer While you can use the Exchange tool, this is the tool that is dedicated for Small Business Server. id=16475 ) Exchange 2003 The Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting tool can help you find where problems with your Exchange server may be. id=25213 Exchange 20 For the latest versions of Exchange, 20, you will find the troubleshooting assistant in the toolbox which is part of the management console.There are a lot of people who held out on the upgrade to Exchange 2007, and those people will now be looking to jump straight to Exchange 2010.